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 Computer & Laptop Repairs

Hello my name is Ben Pearson and I provide a computer and laptop repair service based in the bayside suburb of Wynnum and servicing all suburbs of Brisbane.  My primary goal is to fix your machine for the best possible price. I am honest and upfront and always provide  my customers with respect whilst providing professional service.

I repair all makes and models of desktop & laptop computers. If you have any problem whatsoever I can fix it. Please call me on 0421 510 052 I will be more than happy to assist you. There isn't any sort of computer or technology problem I can't handle. I deal with all software and hardware issues.

From computers that won't start, cracked laptop screens, replacement hard drives, viruses and malware, setting up email accounts to performing backups - it does not matter what your computer problem is I am able to help you! If you are unsure what exactly is wrong with your computer and need advice on whether or not it is worth repairing I provide a diagnostic service for a flat fee of $45. 

I have compiled a small list of common computer problems I deal with on a regular basis. I reiterate that no matter what your problem is nor how big or small it is then I am more than willing to help you. Pick up your phone and give me a call !


 Computer Won't Start

Your desktop or laptop computer is not starting at all. Errors such as a blank screen, a blue/black screen with writing or the machine freezing are issues I deal with on a regular basis. Not only can I repair these problems and get your computer up and running again but I can nearly always save your valuable data too. If your computer won't start then please call me for an obligation free chat and let's sort it out.

 Virus/Malware Infections

Computers infected with viruses or malware display a variety of symptoms. Your browser may contain numerous pop-up windows, your home page may have changed or you may have even lost your internet connection completely. I can remove any such problem and restore your computer to it's previous condition. I charge a flat fee for my virus and malware removal services and also offer advice as to the best way to protect your self moving forward.

 Hard Drive Failure

Unfortunately hard drives have an average life span of 5 years and ultimately they will stop working.  When this happens to you I can quickly and effectively replace your hard drive and get your machine back to you with minimal downtime. Frequently I can also recover the data from your drive for minimal cost but this is entirely dependent on the severity of the failure. In the event of hard drive failure I recommend replacing your drive with a solid state drive for a serious performance increase.

 Slow Computers

Without regular maintenance your laptop or desktop computer will inevitably become slower the longer you have it. Sometimes it may even stop responding completely. If your computer is running painfully slow then fear not because I perform a variety of services that will have your machine up and running just like the day you bought it. Should it be an older computer computer I can advise as to a cost effective replacement or upgrade that won't break the bank.

Laptop Repairs

I deal with any and all laptop problems. I replace cracked or damaged screens for a fraction of what other businesses charge. I can remove viruses/malware infections in your laptop. I can replace your laptop hard drive with a super fast solid state drive or I can upgrade your machine with some additional RAM. Wireless problems after upgrading to Windows 10 ? Don't worry I will have you back online in no time. Whatever your laptop problem is I am more than happy to assist you.

Technology Training

I provide comprehensive training in your own home, at your pace and in a language you understand. Learn how to use your computer for as much or as little as you like. Easy straight forward tips and advice that allow you to get exactly what you want from your computer. If you would like a little bit of a hand from someone with more than 30 years computer experience then please don't hesitate just pick up the phone and give me a call.

Internet Connectivity

In this age of technology lack of internet access can be very frustrating. No internet can mean anything from loss of earnings for your business to not being able to reach a loved one when you most need to. My internet services extends from recommending the best ISP for your location to ensuring your connection is stable and working effectively at all times. I also provide support for small business or home based networks.

For Computer Repairs in Brisbane - Call Ben on 0421 510 052

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