Windows 10, stuck at black screen with loading spinning circle

I have recently had several computers have this problem after the Creator’s Update.

I tracked it down to issues with Intel integrated graphics controllers. It seems to happen on Skylake processors (eg. i3, i5 6xxx and 7xxx series). I have also seen it happen on some Intel-based computers with factory-installed Nvidia chips).

The computer isn’t hung, just the spinning screen displays instead of the desktop. Windows is actually merrily running and displaying a desktop that you can’t see. To prove it, press Win-X, u, u and the computer will shut down (if your computer logs in without a password).

First you need to  restart into automatic repair:
(The screens listed vary slightly in wording and options from Windows version to version)

  1. Press and hold the power button until the computer shuts down.
  2. Press the power button again
  3. As soon as the spinning wheel starts, press and hold the power button
  4. Repeat until automatic repair starts (usually 3 loops).
  5. Select “advanced options”
  6. Select “Troubleshoot”
  7. Select “Advanced options” from the Troubleshoot menu
  8. Select “Startup settings”
  9. Click Restart
  10. The computer will restart into the startup menu.
  11. Select “Safe mode with networking” (isn’t this so much better than pressing F8 on startup?)
  12. Windows will restart in safe mode.
  13. Right-click on the windows logo and choose “device manager”
  14. Find your video adapter and uninstall the driver.
  15. reboot the computer — it should reboot normally.
  16. Find and download the latest driver FROM YOUR COMPUTER MANUFACTURER’S WEB SITE.

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