Going online in Australia in 2020 is theoretically very simple but like many things in life it is often more difficult than we would like.

I hope to arm my visitors with plenty of simple to understand information that makes doing what they do on their computers as simple and efficient as possible.

I think its worth mentioning straight off the bat that you really are behind the eight ball if you have a slow computer. Over the months and years you will literally spend what feels like months and years waiting for either the internet or your computer to do what it is meant to be doing.

If your computer is slow go to this computer business based in Brisbane that I have been using and recommending for 20 years and buy a fast desktop computer for under $600 or an equally fast laptop computer for under $800. Basically buy a computer from wherever you like just make sure it has a SSD or solid state drive and you will have yourself a pretty quick computer for not a lot of money.

With your existing, or nice new computer, you want to get online in 2020 so here is what you need to know.

Australians have two ways to access the internet since the implementation of the final stages of the NBN which has been rolling our across Australia for years,